Colophon is a collection of static files served from GitHub Pages.

The "live" files are published to a git repository at rodw/ on GitHub.

The published HTML, CSS, JS and related artifacts are generated by a custom "static site generator", which is also available on GitHub.

By and large, content is authored and stored in the Markdown format.

These Markdown files are processed by a small CoffeeScript program custom-built for this purpose.

chjj/marked is used to parse and render the Markdown documents.

j201/meta-marked is used to store "meta-data" such as tags directly within those Markdown files.

akdubya/dustjs is used a templating engine to create the "boilerplate" content that wraps around the Markdown content.

The web design is based on the Twitter Bootstrap framework.

Font-Awesome is used for the occasional icon or graphic flair.

highlight.js provides syntax-coloring for source code listings.

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