Given enough eyeballs, are all trends shallow?

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Monday, 14 July 2003

As part of some internal strategic planning, I recently found myself constructing various "scenarios" (in the scenario planning sense) that try to address the next 2 to 5 years of development in the areas of mainstream language development, "enterprise" application platforms, etc.

It occurs to me that (a) very little of this analysis is proprietary, either in the sense of "containing trade secrets" nor in the sense of "unique to the organization that created it"; (b) this analysis would be more insightful and likely more accurate when developed by a larger group; and (c) this sort of information would be a valuable community resource.

I wonder if it is possible to grow a body of "open", community developed scenario documents, initially focused on technical topics, to be used by individuals, corporations, and even open source projects for strategic planning. How would one organize this information? In what format would these documents be developed? (A Wiki?) What license would be appropriate? (creative commons?) Does such an initiative already exist?

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