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Wednesday, 9 July 2003

I'll show you mine if you show me yours.


For the curious, here's where those links go:

Iteration Documents
index to our current and historical iteration status documents with some summary statistics.
various internal whitepapers, HOWTOs, and articles. Most of the interesting content has moved to the wiki we introduced a couple of years ago.
the aforementioned wiki.
JavaDoc documentation for our codebase, updated as part of the continuous integration process. The "(more)" link points to a wiki page that links to various external JavaDocs.
CVS Tree
our ViewCVS instance.
Build Results
our CruiseControl build servlet.
Test Coverage Reports
a JCoverage report across our (Java) codebase, updated as part of the continuous integration process.
Latka Test Suite
a Latka webapp instance, which allows one to execute our Latka functional test suite against various development, integration, QA and production environments.
a defect tracking database.
web traffic analysis and similar reports.
a simple RSS browsing web application.
Recent Wiki Changes
lists the last few changed pages on our internal wiki.
SysArch Intranet Traffic
web traffic analysis for the portal site itself (just below the fold in the screenshot).
Current Build Results
a one line summary of our continuous integration build status.
Iteration N Status
current status of the current and previous development iterations, in summary form.

This "portal" is largely cobbled together out of server side includes. It'd be nice to upgrade to a true portlet implementation, or at least use RSS (or whatever the "better" RSS is these days). In fact, I've been looking into introducing a number of blogging inspired ideas.

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