Where are you all coming from?

(Back in 2003 I ran a moderately popular tech blog on the Radio UserLand platform. This is an archived version of a post from that blog. You can view an index of all the archived posts.)

Tuesday, 22 July 2003

An unusually large number of my visitors today seem to be referred by various email clients. This and the number of direct hits (non-browser email clients?) are generating enough traffic to push this blog higher than usual in UserLand's rankings of Radio sites.

On other occasions the source of this sort of jump in traffic is obvious. This time I can only assume a link went out on some mailing list, seemingly to an older post, but my ears are burning with curiosity. Will someone post a comment indicating what list, if any, contained the link?

UPDATE: JavaBlogs sucks. This post isn't in either of my java or tech feeds, and hence shouldn't have been picked up by the aggregator, but there it is. Someone please tell me how to get JavaBlogs to pay attention to the proper feed. (Cf. a previous post.)

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