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Backup or mirror a website using wget

To create a local mirror or backup of a website with wget, run:

wget -r -l 5 -k -w 1 --random-wait <URL>


  • -r (or --recursive) will cause wget to recursively download files
  • -l N (or --level=N) will limit recursion to at most N levels below the root document (defaults to 5, use inf for infinite recursion)
  • -k (or --convert-links) will cause wget to convert links in the downloaded documents so that the files can be viewed locally
  • -w (or --wait=N) will cause wget to wait N seconds between requests
  • --random-wait will cause wget to randomly vary the wait time to 0.5x to 1.5x the value specified by --wait

Some additional notes:

  • --mirror (or -m) can be used as a shortcut for -r -N -l inf --no-remove-listing which enables infinite recursion and preserves both the server timestamps and FTP directory listings.
  • -np (--no-parent) can be used to limit wget to files below a specific "directory" (path).
Published 10 Feb 2014


Backup an SD card on Linux using 'dd'

if [ -b "/dev/$1" ]
  outfile="sdcard-backup-`date +"%s"`.dd"
  echo "cloning /dev/$1 to $outfile"
  dd if=/dev/$1 of=$outfile
  echo "tgz-ing $outfile"
  tar zcvf $outfile.tgz $outfile
  echo "done."
  echo "Usage: $0 /dev/<device>"
echo "to restore, unmount(?), then use:"
echo "tar Ozxf <file> | dd of=<device>"
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Backup an entire GitHub repository

The following shell script will back up an organization's GitHub repositories, including the all branches of the source tree and the GitHub wiki and issue list (if any).

(Also at rodw/backup-github.sh.)

Published 1 Jan 2014
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backup a git repository with 'git bundle'


git bundle create PATH_TO_BUNDLE.git --all

to create a single-file backup of the entire repository.

Note that the bundle file is a functional Git repository:

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