Fixing "Unexpected string" errors with CoffeeScript 1.7 and Mocha 1.17

Recently I've been running into the following error when testing CoffeeScript files using Mocha:

(exports, require, module, __filename, __dirname) { should  = require 'should'
SyntaxError: Unexpected string

The fix is described here on the mocha site.

coffee-script is no longer supported out of the box. CS and similar transpilers may be used by mapping the file extensions (for use with --watch) and the module name. For example --compilers coffee:coffee-script with CoffeeScript 1.6- or --compilers coffee:coffee-script/register with CoffeeScript 1.7+.

In other words, to fix the problem change the argument:

--compilers coffee:coffee-script

on your Mocha command line to:

--compilers coffee:coffee-script/register
Published 11 Feb 2014
Tagged coffeescript, nodejs and dev.


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