Preloading images with JavaScript

If your web app dynamically displays certain images and you don't want to make sure that the images are downloaded before they are first displayed, you can pre-fetch the images using some simple javascript.

For single-page apps, this should be sufficient:

function preload_images(urls) {
  urls.forEach( function(i, url ) {
    (new Image()).src = url;

preload_images( [ 'image1.jpg', 'image2.png', 'image3.tiff' ] );

If you want to add a slight delay (so other web assets can load first) use something like:

setTimeout( function() { preload_images( [ 'image1.jpg', 'image2.png', 'image3.tiff' ] ); }, 500) ;

The single-page-app method above loads each image in the array into memory. However, browsers generally won't cache these images, so if the user navigates to another page without viewing the images, they will be lost.

To make the images cachable, it helps to add the image that is created into the actual DOM tree for the page. Here's one way:

function preload_images(urls) {
  var newdiv = document.createElement("div")
  if(newdiv.setAttribute) {
  } else if( && {"cssText","display:none;")
  } else if( { = "display:none;";
  } else { = "display:none;"
  urls.forEach( function(i, url ) {
    var newimg = new Image();
    newimg.src = url
Published 13 Mar 2014


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