emacs cursor movement shortcuts

  • M-g g <N> or M-g M-g <N> -- go to line (goto-line)
  • M-g c <N> -- go to character (goto-char)
  • M-g <TAB> <N> -- go to column in the current line

  • M-< -- beginning-of-buffer

  • M-> -- end-of-buffer

  • C-a or <home> -- move-beginning-of-line

  • C-e or <end> -- move-end-of-line

  • C-f or <right> -- forward one char (forward-char) or right one char (right-char). (Note right-char moves backward when editing right-to-left text.)

  • M-f or M-<right> or C-<right> -- forward one word (forward-word) or right one word (right-word).
  • C-b or <left> -- backward one char (backward-char) or left one char (left-char). (Note left-char moves forward when editing right-to-left text.)
  • M-b or M-<left> or C-<left> -- back one word (backward-word) or left one word (left-word).

  • C-n or <down> -- down one line (next-line)

  • C-v or <PageDown> -- down one page (scroll-up-command)
  • C-p or <up> -- up one line (previous-line)
  • M-v or <PageUp> -- up one page (scroll-down-command)

  • C-x C-n -- set current column as "goal" column for up/down movement

  • C-u C-x C-n -- cancel current goal column
Published 15 Mar 2013
Tagged emacs and cheatsheet.


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