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Begin with the end in mind.

Intuitive thinkers work best when they understand the big picture.

Try to articulate why this task is important,

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The first step is to assume success.

Imagine the work is complete and wildly successful. what does that look like? what did you do to get there?

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Channel Someone

Why limit yourself to asking, "What would Jesus do?" (WWJD?) when you can not only ask "WWBD?" ("What would Buddha do?") or "WWMD?" ("What would Mohammed do?"), but also:

  • WWBBD? - What would Bugs Bunny do?
  • WWMAD? - What would Marcus Aurelius do?
  • WWMPD? - What would Mary Poppins do?
  • WWRMSD? - What would Richard M. Stallman do?
  • WWSOHD? - What would Scarlett O'Hara do?
  • WWYMD? - What would your mom do?

(Credit: I'm pretty sure I cribbed this from something, but I can remember what. If anyone happens to know the source for this please drop me a note.)

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